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Youth 09 was on 9 January till 11 January at PWTC. Did u go? Sorry to say, a bit dissapointed to the event because we thought it was a really BIG event..I meant BIG. Can u imagine, i am able to finish the Hall for half an hour. Hurm..maybe because i'm not into the event that they organised. BUT.. There is a but, most of people went there really excited for the gig for the closure that happened on the last day. I did take some pic, and i did enjoy my self, it is just did not expect to be very short time in PWTC. I came very far from shah alam, but juz a while in that place..membazir betul..huhu.. On the 10 Jan 09.. 1. The Rakan Muda Exhibtion. Got Snake showing it self, battle of scorpion...

2. Lots of pictures.....

3. Auto show..the only car that attracts us..

11 Jan 09..
1. The Gig..- Yunalis....Bunkface... I got the chance to....

Take pic with Bunkface vocalis Get a airbrush tattoo


Have you heard of 'apartment'? Of course u had rite..what do you think when i mentioned the apartment..did u imagine sofa..a living quarters??
FYI..i'm not mentioned that type of apartment..what i meant is the apartment at the curve mutiara damansara. a place for dine n hang out there..hehe..
Their place a bit like a home..because very nice and cozy place to hang out. They even got a comfy sofa, dining table for 8 person. surprisingly in the apartment you can see shower..

Look closely at the picture.......did u notice things at the wall, got towel hang on it and got shower rite??the dining table
The coke (old version bottle) Ice lemon tea(nothing special)Enough for the environment, about the for the first time visit to this feel like home place, i really dont noe what to eat actually. but i choosef for chicken in a bag while the companion of mine have jamie's chicken i think (forgot already).

Carl's Junior Anyone

I did say i eat at Carl's Junior..but i didnt really describe what i eat that night. I ordered set meal..not quite remember what i oredered because the name not easy to remember.This drink actually medium size for my meal..but the actual size is common large size other fast food..

This number indicate your order. When you place your order, they simply gave an empty drinks(so u fill your drinks by yourself, means refill is free), then your number. wait at your table. The workers will served your meal when ready.
The set meal
The Burger.(I remind again - this is medium size of carl's jr)

Jom Join Youth 09..

Check this web kay..may be u find its interesting.
It will be held three days at PWTC this weeend..Faster grab your pass..

NeW YeAr New Day New ResoLution

Happy New Year!!! Today, wake up late as usual. Yesterday, hanging out at KL town - not doing any countdown just doing some activity to killing time for waiting minutes before midnite..hehe..
Minutes before midnite??hours before midnite more precise..

1. Watch Movie at Midvalley because that the only cinema that still shown 'Body of Lies'..huhu..lucky for me get to watch the movie for the last show for GSC.didnt have the chance to watch at my hometown ma..huhuhu..the trailer's attracts me and of course is adapted from novel..nice and genius plot..must watch it carefully to understand who is the bad person. Like the motto 'Trust No one. Deceive Everyone'. Lucky me didnt sleep again yesterday..huhu..

2.Before waiting for the hall to open.. get some food from Carl's JR..Not so junior..the medium size combo is as big as ordinary fast food large..the price is quite expensive but affordable and suitable with the set size. The drinks can be refill..
3. A…