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Atlast..No more presentatio

Date : 14 May 2009 Venue: Block B, Gallery, FSPU Time: 8:30 a.m.
14th May???not 15 May...
The story goes.......
Majority of Part 6B has knowledge that we need to present on 15th May..huhu..Where got time, we only have 2 days to prepare after viva..huhu..Pity to Adib (who settled the board) needs to push harder on th 13th May..hurmm..This is because, me beloved design lecturers insisted us to present at the gallery..unfortunately the gallery is booked by interior design students, thus we need to present on separated day with 6A..Thats mean 6A on 15th May..huhu.. On 14th May 2009....All board has been displayed at the gallery, (before the presentation started)..My
This is our board..The Recommendation proposal of Conservation and Preservation at Jalan Maharani, Muar.Presentation went very well..=)..But ID lecturers complaint that we were very noisy..huhu..Sorry then...Consequences- 6A did not do their presentation at Gallery..because -lecturer takut nan…

viva 11 May 2009

11 May presentation for our thesis. Consist of 20 Marks from 100. Why is it so important? For us, it is the final step either your research can pass and to indicate your grade..huhu.. On that day, most of us were really nervous. Never felt like that before for a long time. But this time, a good defence a requirement u must have..
Why? Panel will try to ask a killer, your research paper should be done by your self and you should go to site. Experience helps alot..Then, if you distribute questionnaire, they will check that is it your questionnaire is answered by respondent.The viva list has been announce on 7 May 2009 - the day after our last paper. That day was the day we gathered with our beloved lecturers. On the day of viva, we need to prepare our thesis report, handout of slide, and the 'evidence', and powerpoint slide.Wear nicely and beautifully..hehe..important..My turn was the third one, in the afternoon, in Panel B room.The Panels are - one of…

The Mission continued..

Hello guys!!!hehehe..the mission to find dim sum is really continued....hehe..after the failed and frustration mission..the mission is still continued..The story goes....
I woke up early after the failed mission, my head is still thinking of dim sum..dim sum...huhu..
try google again..mostly the food lovers said: MINMAX PNB Park..
The Mission: To find PNB Park, located at Jalan Ampang. Success.hehe..=)..The things that makes the mission a little bit longer to accomplished it because my friend has wrong mind set..the map is clearly indicated that PNB park very near the Tabung Haji, KLCC and (now i'm confius ampang park or ampang point)..huhu..but is not in Ampang..haha..what a waste of toll money and gas..huhu...
The Price: very dim sum like below did not exceed RM5..
For muslim: it is HALAL

Hehe..Enjoy ur meal..Bon Apetite

Mission to Find Halal Dim Sum

It's being a long time i didnt write time..hehe..1 more thing..leceh..hahaha..but because i wanna share thing with u all..i still write it..

The Story
Okay..have u been eat halal dim sum? long i'm staying in KL..---xpernah jumpa lg..but nothing impossible here rite??
Before we go further about the mission that are not so impossible and can become impossible. Let me tell u why suddenly i wanna eat dim sum..

The Memory
Way back at Tun Jugah Shopping Complex (TJ) has a food court. That food court was where we always went to if me n my friends went for shopping or lepaking (actually window shopping)..haha..even when me n my mom or sis will went there if we happened to be there for 'jalan-jalan'..The food court got dim sum u know, and also selling ice kacang..(actually, long time i didnt go there, i'm not sure that they still have it or not..hurm..)..that dim sum was really delicious..hehe

The Future
Enough for the past..
The story goes …