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Enough!...(in angry tone)..I'm not angry kay..
Suddenly I thought of a movie that cast buy J.Lo..

Today, I was really sad that my student will be moving. I thought that he moved becaused other purposed. But when I knew the whole story, my head think of 'is this reality or drama?'..That student of mine story almost like 'ENOUGH'..The part the mother running away..

The students mother is running away from her husband. Her husband has taking the boys brother already. This has happened one month before and the mother afraid that the father will also waiting in front of the kindergarten and taking the other also. Hurm..I cannot judge that who is wrong, who is right. Because we didnt know the whole story.

But, I am really pity to my student. May this will effecting when he grown up?..Hope that he can take care the mother. Living in fear, keep on running, till when they will ran?..forever??

hurm..I never thought of the smile my student put everyday and the day the story of he …

Food at Pavillion

Pavillion? nice food ka?
got food court ma...haha..
this time, i didnt have any pic to show you how nice the foods are..
the food stall i want to intro to u all is teppanyaki..located at the Pavillion, Bukit Bintang. At Ground Floor..hehe..
I was too busy watching the chef cooking and didnt manage to take any pictures..huhu=(..
the price range starting from RM15..
this is not the same as teppanyaki at Mid and Ikano..I repeat..not the same....

p/s: I really missed cantonese kuey teow with beef at Sarawak Club..huhu...kat cni smua x halal (yg direkomen sedap)