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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Caro -Jim Carey: Ebenezer Scrooge- Quite okay, have a good way of telling people why we should not be stingy.. Since I was little, whenever I watch a cartoon, they like to emphasized that the character of the cartoon is stingy by using this name- Scrooge. I still remember the cartoon of Disney. Refresh your mind, that character also a stingy old man and his name is Mr Scrooge..haha.. Rich but stingy not properly. Watch and understand the movie, Scrooge is being visited by 3 ghost - Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present, Ghost of Christmas After. Ghost of Christmas Past: This ghost bring him to his past, let he remember his past Ghost of Christmas Present: What happened to his act. Ghost of Christman After: What happened if he continues with his attitude towards people. Along this storyline, it let us to realize who we are in the past. Then it wants us to know what the consequences of our action. It is a reason why we should change. My friend is very bad, …

Ninja Assasin - Reason to Watch

Why?Because Rain is the hero..hehe..Before this, i have the same reason to watch a movie which also Rain is the actor..- Speedracer..hehe..Release date:26 November 2009

Merepek sekejap

Mesti lepas baca benda yg aku nak bagitahu nie baik x pyh di aku nak tulis jugak..biar org tau..hahaha
Benda nie minor error xde pun pembaikan di buat..
Before tue, benda nie pasal cerita Nenek Kebaya kul 4.30ptg kat TV3 tu..
Error nye..kat info Astro tulis 'Nenek Kebayan'..aku mati2 la pikir tajuk cerita mmg Nenek Kebayan..rupa2 nye 'Nenek Kebaya'..huhu..aku tertipu dgn info tersebut..huhu.
Benda nie dh last lama baru ari nie aku berkesempatan nk tulis..hehehe..

itu jer..niat aku just harap xnak la org tgk citer nie dr awal episod sampai last episod asyik pikir Nenek Kebayan jer..kebetulan pulak mmg ada maklumat mana bole salah..bole bawak bergaduh tau..hahaha..

lagipun, org yg x tengok betul2 dan mengalami ilusi optik..mmg akan percaya la cerita tersebut Nenek Kebayan...tak tau la salah sape kan..or sapa la malas sgt nak p tuka..huhu..

ok..beransur....(mupok lok)

atlast:sushi zanmai

Hello!!! Fud again..this time Japanese..huhuhu..seronok nye..
My housemate a.k.a my lecturer keep on telling me that Sushi Zanmai better than other sushi outlet..wah..make me keep on want to go there.. Tada..atlast...the first one is 'Sukiyaki' steamboat..the different is all the ingredient all inside the pot already....

This is the meat slice...come together with the Sukiyaki

Salmon (my favourite) and California Temaki

Salmon Slice (favourite and a must) Dessert: honey corn......(lupa da)

Hehe..this place actually cheaper than sushi king..fresher..FYI, i ate at One Utama outlet..very popular - i judge based on people insist on queue waiting for their turn..hehe..other outlet i found is at Sunway Pyramid..quite hard to find because the outlet very a far and nobody will go there unless they accidentally pass there..huhuhu.. Location: Sushi Zanmai (One Utama, Sunway Pyramid - Oasis Boulevard) Price:affordable Halal - a lot of muslim came