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Chasing Broadband Coverage

Location: Burger King Section 13, Extreme Park. Listening to: Jay Z feat Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind (Thankz to Leelix) Why I'm here? I need the broadband connection to be 'HSPDA' rather than 'EDGE' and 'EDGE' makes my life hard when I want to do my asignment from my house. Last Tuesday, for this reason I went to ESSO at Section 7 just to get better connection type. Huhu..It is suck at Section 8, and this week getting harder to online when it is connected but when u brows it just came out with nothing. Frustrated isn't it?.. Whats the point I am using broadband when I need to chasing the line. I have the intention to stop this line (CELCOM) and change to Streamyx because we can share the fee with my housemate. Agree or not?.. Again this week quite a headache when asignment requirements needs getting more and more, and plus the headache when LEXMARK didnot call me for my printer problem. LEXMARK quite a problem u know..This has give me a reason to say …

Causeway Bay HK Restaurant

Hi! Happy New Year. I'm at Shah Alam already.
But, Kuching again for the food review.. This time - Causeway Bay Hong Kong Restaurant.
This restaurant for my knowledege it have 2 branch in Kuching. The first one that I know is at Crown Square, and the one that I went is at Jln Song (I think they call it Jln Song) - for u guys not to be confused - the restaurant is at shophouses where u can see from the road the Ipoh Town White Coffee. Trust me u can find it some where there. Actually, me n both of my sis want to eat dim sum. But, unfortunately they didnt serve at that time (8.00+ p.m). So we eat other food instead. Because of my sis already to hungry, I just able to catch my food only.. My first thought: Why it is so black??? (I eat just like this before and it taste bad but-----once the food inside my mouth, it killed the first thought)..hahahaha.. Sedap!!!!! Enjoy!!