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loves for a pancake

Retail Name : Paddington House of Pancakes
Branch : The Curve, Damansara

It was very hot day that my head already imagine waffles with ice cream on top & butter + some of said that -- there got A&W, but why still went to this place. One of my experience at A&W PJ, they serve a hard, burned, I dont want my appetite lost and give me a bad better spend more.

I know that this shop is quite expensive, but my salary day is getting why cant i spend a little bit more for this hot day..

Actually la, its a waffle hunting. but ni waffle..pancake also can..

No : 607 -- Strawberry, nut and nut choc pancakes Price : RM16.50Comment:Pancake was very soft once I put into my mouth..taste really good and spongy feel. With the maple/hone syrup, it give better taste..fresh straweberry + ice cream + hot day = so tasty & refreshing!!!! plus with the environment...

Change of taste for rice

Hi, long time i didnt write in because the bad connection line at my house and busy working+asignements waiting to be finished.

I want to promo u all nasi padang ----> Sari Ratu at Sunway Damansara.
Price ----> dont judge the image, the price are not to expensive..;)..
2 nasi putih
ayam goreng for 2 (their cooking style)
soft drinks for 2..
There are one more dish (i forgot)...Total RM30+

I think they famous for their i came for second time
2 nasi putih
2 sliced paru---we ate this one till there is chinese guy also order it and keep on add the paru
fish (goreng)
kailan again
2 fruit juice
2 ice cream potong----almost rm50

try it!!

how to order?.
u can order from ur table or u can just order from the display there..and wait at your seat..

No picture has taken be…