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He's just not that into you

he's just not that into you. its a movie that i recently watched and unexpectedly i really like it.a few of the cast i really love to watch; drew barrymore, bradley cooper, scarlett johannson. but sadly though they are not the main focal point of the story. if you want to know what the is story all about is, please google it yeah. firstly, this movie shows how a woman desperately finding love of her life, hoping good news from each date. while her friends (of course good friends) comforting her saying all the positive things and give false hope to her. this is the life rite?..would u ever tell your girl friends that boy not into her?..we always lies and give her hope.. then, this guy (being the bad friends) teached the woman the sign guys show that they did not into her. and of course the guy is 'feelingless' to each of every women she slept and dated with. one scene i really like is the guy is hosting a party and invited the woman, and the woman of course thought that the g…