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While I'm Driving

Listening to Hot FM when driving back to Shah Alam alone...the jazz song (Dengarkanla) give me very soothing feeling, believe it or makes me more focus while driving. and one more thing, make me want to watch Sheila Majid live performance..really want to share the lyrics witu first u need to download this song and feel the music..move ur body..


Oooo ..
Bintang di langit malam meneman bulan
Mengasyikan memadu asmara di sebalik awan

Oh bulan
Ku ingin berterus terang
Meluahkan perasaan

Angin lalu
Meniup menghembus membisik namamu
Menemankan senyuman menawan dibuai khayalan
Bahagia itu yang aku inginkan
Milik kita selamanya

Dengarkanlah laguku
Kuciptakan untukmu
Menghargai dirimu di sisiku

Dengarkanlah laguku
Kunyanyikan untukmu
Buat sekian lama
Hanyalah dikau di hatiku

Ulang *

Ulang **

Oo ..Percaya dengan
Segala yang kujanjikan
Hidup bersama
Seperti bulan dan bintang

Ulang **


autopay machine

ATM: auto teller machine, the idea came out from a vending machine: suprisingly to me (I know this from MSN Malaysia website). Read it, to gain your knowledge.

when I was in my hometown (Kuching), waiting for the cashier to scan everything..make me thinking (is there machine in this world has been invented to avoid their stuff taking money from the machine?) My cousin who had worked part time as cashier before has told me short of money always happened, and some of them darely taking the money.

of course, i have seen people using their card and swipe by their own. how about a machine which is like deposit machine + scan product?..i have seen this at pay bills about supermarket?..

1. they can use a workers to scan the product and just let the 'deposit' machine count the money (like autopay rite) it can return change..

2. or u scan yourself and pay it by yourself..

hows that?..i'm living in malaysia..didnt have knowledge are other place is using this kind of technolo…