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Pre Wedding! - belated post

As usual lor, I suka post benda2 yg dah lepas. It is hard to getting started (this what I get from Zen Habits where people hard to start a thing, when they start, the hard to stop! yeeehaaa)

Actually, I tak nak buat pre wed, macam membazir plak kan. lagipun nanti lepas majlis kawen there will be another photoshoot and with ur wedding dress and make up some more. Kalau amik pre wedding, kena make sendiri or u need to go to make up artist.

Why suddenly I buat pre wedding photoshoot?.
My reception was really a simple reception. People came to eat, and balik. Due to cost, decorations were less.To differentiate post wedding nye photoshoot dgn pre wedding. I decide nak buat potrait. Macam kite nak amik gmbr pasport tu..tapi with feel.. I got this idea when I watch movie 'Closer' (Jude Law and Julia Robert). Ada one scene that Julia Robert took potrait picture of Jude Law, and I would like a picture like that too! Sadly that when I google through, there are no picture of what I have …