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Something to compliment about: MH Malaysian Hospitality

I am a frequent flyer and usually I will choose MAS airlines MAS offered a better price. Furthermore, I did not really care how is their customer service. But last Saturday (19/10/13), it was really eye opening for me what is the meaning of Malaysian Hospitality. It is my first time travelling bringing baby, and furthermore we was behind the time. Our flight was at 12.10pm and we reached airport at 10.55am. Hubs need to send his car to his uncle house, thus mak, baby and me need to settle the check in ourselves. At the check in counter, mak insist on push the trolley because I am still in confinement. Mak was struggled to push and trying to transfer the luggage to the counter. Luckily the next counter guy, came out and help mak. This was the first compliment to their staff. Maybe he was not teach or trained, but thumbs up for him.
Secondly, while in the flight. The flight attendant gave us pillow once we seated. He told us, this is for the baby because the pillow was …

Sore breast ~ susu bengkak

Tips to new mummy who have sore breast, what we malay called susu/kopek bengkak. It is due to no stimulation or ur bby did not sulk the milk. I got sore breast during my bby in hospital n when i pump it, it is still gave me the sore cause me sleepless nite. Hub nice n concern enough, he google about it. Sorry to say, the method which using 'sireh' leaves did not work for me. 
This method was told by nurses in the hospital when she noticed my breast was hardened when i breastfeed my bby. She told me to compress with hot water (tuam). Furthermore my in law also told me to massage my breast with hot water. It really soothe my breast n its work!
Thats all! Happy trying!

7days of her life

This is her 8 days of life. During her 7 days of life, she was admitted in NICU due to premature. It was quite lonely and sad after deliver, having to watch your neighbour bed, have baby with them. A sudden thought of, did i really delivered last night? Babies crying, mummies fetch their babies, me in the other hand with my iphone n ipad to occupy my self. Later when hub came, he told me 'u want to see the baby?' I need to go to other level to visit her. Looking at her in the incubator, getting antibiotics, what more can i say with words- her 1st day of life. I started to stimulate milk from my breast using machine. 
2nd day, i still in d ward. So its easy for me to visit her, having to know she was in d same building. Friends are coming to visit me even they know they cant see the baby. Later in d afternoon, nurse told me i can be discharged already. Happy for me, but baby still in NICU. I learn to breastfeeding her.
2nd n 3rd day, bby getting jaundice. Nothing i can say, they …

Its time when its not the time yet

Wondering what does it means rite? Let me continue the last blog i wrote ; What happened the unexpected day?.. I want to share my experience on giving birth. If u a lazy bump bump to read the previous blog. The title should give u an idea what it is all about- i was giving birth earlier ( one month earlly) than it should be. 
When doc in UMRA checking the cause of bleeding, she told me it was opened for 2cm.. I was crying. Frankly speaking, i was crying due to pain, but im not crying due to d fact that what will happened to me?. I was still hoping that time i will not giving birth early. Pity with the bby, what will happened to her? Doc called the MD asking how about this lady bleeding n already opened 2cm. He said we need refer her to gov hospital. 
Previously, maybe i didnt mentioned. The doc said, they need to monitor my condition due to the bleeding because the bleeding is flow like period. Not just a stain on panty. Thus she will admit me on that friday nite. But after thorou…

What happened the unexpected day?


It has been really bz since I was taking over all the accounts at site alone plus married, tired and pregnant that time. Whatever inside 'thebump' check list, only a few I manage to follow. I did not even have time to update my blog for a very long time.

Today is 4th October 2013. Last week 27th September 2013 was a day full of surprises, sickness and events. As what on my title today I want to share with you my experience on that particular day.

Last week Friday: we (SD2 JMB) having AGM after one year it been form. I was one of them which really looking forward to attend and involved. Which was last year I also did not saw and experienced the whole process. UNEXPECTED I was sick on that day, the night before - I was vomited and diarrhoea till dawn. At the same time I need to wake as early as 3am in the morning to settle the outstanding list till no energy left for me. Lastly with my condition which I think I dont have the energy to drive and whatever things I put insid…