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motivation talks - prem and bf


I am really happy that social media has group/pages that support breast feeding mommies. But I never expressed any comments there. Today I will share u my story of breastfeeding.

If u follow my previous writing. I did mentioned that my baby is premature. Luckily she is not too small as nurses and doctors keep on saying that she is in really good condition. What happened is, my baby was not with me once she was delivered. People advised that, if u want to bf, the baby needed to stimulate your breast in order the milk to came out. I am a first timer, clueless, nervous, dont know what to do?

Due to the hospital which I went, they supported bf, so when my baby able to eat, they told me to bf her. But before that, I was worried that if I didnt stimulate my breast, the milk will never came out (this is what happened to my friend - maybe she lacked of motivation). The nurse asked me to go to nursing room where I can pump my breast. It is quite hard actually because it did not…

sleeping baby

Is there a guideline to be a parent?
It is funny that when we a modern mum, browsing and google how to take care of your baby/kids. It is what I do now. Read all the material in the web. A sudden thought of, our own parents never have such reading material like today. But still they can raise me and you well. Agree? ( tepuk dada tanya selera)
Being a new mummy, I was quite nervous, from bathing her, breastfeed her, sleep with her. Just on the laptop, google everything about baby, you can find everything in it. I realize that, not everything suits u and me. You can try all the advise and tips but not everything will suits you. Just remember, do your best! That what I keep on saying to myself. 
What I do is.... I try the tips given in the mag and web. Currently I am training my baby to know her bedtime at night. I didnt dare say its work but she sleeps longer than before. 
Which tips that I follow?  Currently I am still on maternity leave, I will bring her to bed at 10pm. I will freshen…

Eating Alone ~


- when we are alone in the house
- when lunch hour, no colleague can accompany you
- when window shopping yourself.

Of course the empty stomach need to feed right. Some of us not used to eat alone in a shop, u feels weird, u feel like people looking at u and say pity u. Usually, I always choose for fast food, because it is easier and if u noticed people in fast food do their own things. Just buy some magazine, eat and enjoy your reading. Place like coffee house - starbucks is also a nice place to chill if u were alone. U can study there some more but made sure u buy their drinks

But what about you want to eat something else, something nice maybe. Just choose secluded place and just order. If you really dont want to eat alone, just 'tapau' harm right!

Just remember, u r not forever alone.

How Guys Made Friends ~ Agree?


The story goes when hub said that he want to watch football match big screen while he in Kuching --match between Pahang and Sarawak. Thus I called my dear friend ask him whether he could bring hub to any big screen in Kuching and he said yes. This lead on Manchester United match which aired on that night also. Just like that they have became friends eventhough previously we did hang out together.

What I want to say is, guys are easily became friends rather than ladies. When they have things in common, they really can hang out together. What happened is, the week after the match, there were another match at Kuching. This dear friend of a friend brought hub went to stadium and fetch hub from house. This situation remind me of a talk which I attended when in Uni. This speaker gave us an example that I always remember.

The usual situation happened in our real life -- Guy A is a smoker, guy B also a smoker. when B asked A for cigar, just snap of a hand, they became friends.…