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Parenting class

Last saturday 15.2.14, me n hub pegi klas parenting. Lebih kurang mcm tu lah. It was consist 3 class, baby wearing, sleeping baby n baby language. FYI ini lah klas pertama or kursus pertama yg berbayar (bayar atas kehendak sendiri) yg i pergi. Overall im satisfied with everything.

Why? Kelas 3 jam jer. So u dh boleh agak 3 speaker, each of them akan ckp 1 hour each. U xbole expect they will talk very detail but u can see whole picture what is all about. U can bring ur baby n spouse of course spouse charge lain. But it is very important that ur spouse pegi sekali so that they will also learn.
The speakers are certified. Very helpful n friendly. Mereka ckp based on experience so they realted with their experience, so class jadi lebib interesting as first timer mummy.
Bear in mind, u bole bawak baby. So the environment sgt la bagus (added value) and seswai. Tak macam kelas2 u biase pegi organized by company. 
If u r interested nak tmbah ilmu, u can google them. They always organize clas…

Why im doing it? Breastfeed

Salam mak mak sekalian,
I return to motivates u oll yo! Bf is not a trend or somewhat. It is something that creates bonding between u n ur baby. Frankly speaking, i never thought of bf m continue express at work. 
Why? I have doubt! I dont believe i can do it! 
What happened few months b4 i deliver? I saw fully ebm n ebf is something that can help u berjimat. Coz formula milk is expensive. Even when baby expo at PWTC got promotion for medela, i refused to buy something expensive if no milk came out at all. My colleague said when she delivered, there are no milk came out. From what i read, milk will came out itself. That is why i dont want to waste my money into something like that.
Then i deliver ( shud read the story bout the prem baby) Because of this, im aware n feel encourage to bf my baby girl. Eventhough whem this private hospital keep on saying that.. U need to mix with formula milk so that ur baby girl can have ideal weight. I told u. When i was continued my confinement in my hometow…

Obvious? mysterious? -

Selamat datang Februari! Welcome February!

New Months New Target to achiever!

Okay2..Today, rojak sikit (mix mix jadi la rojak). Its been a long time i nak cakap pasal customer service nie. Its not about how to do customer service. Its about what ive been through for almost 4 years. Sometimes it is funny, annoying, and sometimes hard to describe.

Maybe, kadang2 i or u tak perasan that what come out from your mouth. Maybe its Malaysian kan. Pernah tgh video 'Abuden' by Jinnyboy (hitz) tu?. Mesti u fikir apa kaitan my experience with that video?

Meh I story u the common conversation kat phone.

Situation 1
Customer: Is Mr X in?
Me: Sorry, he is not around.
Customer: Is he coming to work?
Me: yes, he is just not in the office.
---> obvious kan?..kalau org tu xkeje..of coz u akan jwb die on leave or MC.. udoh nye kite jwb die xde.. bukan nye cko die p cuti ke ape!!!!.

Situation 2
Customer: Can I speak to Mr X?
Me: Sorry he is in the meeting.
Customer: Is the meeting long?
Me: Im n…