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Certified Educator DBL - Malaysia

Last year, I have successfully to get my certificate for educator. I am proudly said that I am CERTIFIED EDUCATOR from Malaysia. Indeed it was quite long I did not mentioned and said anything regards of this because I am not confident in practising it. Now, I am proudly saying that I will practise it and help mothers out there to identify their baby language.
Just follow my page closely, that I will provide you more information on what you should know. 
Thank you for following!

Law of attraction -- first time mom


Recently I was reading a book name The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Actually I did stumbled across this book years ago and due to the price I did not buy it. I always really particular in buying books. Few months ago, my sister said something about NLP and I was google it. Few of the NLP contents I have learned before during seminars and I never realised it was one of the NLP technique. This book also in the list, so rather than I need to attend courses, how about I spend some money on this book.

I am not going to review this book. What I am saying that the law of attraction being unfold by The Secret which can be applied in our daily life. One of it is for breastfeed mummy. For people who know this technique, for sure you understand what I am saying.

First of all, when you are express breastmilk, frequently the lactation consultant advised always positive, think of happy thoughts, think of your baby (which their expression make you smile), do not depress in order …

Kisah Hidup ku Part 3


Sambungan kali ini ialah tempoh masa zaman sekolah menengah. Di mana daripada form 1 sehingga form 3 aku di sekolah kebangsaan dan kemudian aku bercadang berpindah ke sekolah berasrama dengan keputusan yang cemerlang iaitu MRSM. Mengapa MRSM dan tidak ke sekolah sains. Aku pun tidak ingat kenapa..

Disebabkan daripada kecil aku tidak dibiasakan bertudung keluar rumah, aku seperti pelajar yang hanya bertudung ketika pakai pakaian sekolah. Apabila aktiviti sukan, tudung pun terbang bersama-sama. Aku sangat suka kelas agama kerana banyak perkara menarik yang aku belajar, tetapi aku tetap tidak suka hafazan. Aku tidak suka menghafal tetapi kini aku menyesal kerana benci menghafal. Tetapi aku tetap bersyukur masih hidup di dunia ini pada masa ini untuk meneruskan apa yang telah aku tinggalkan pada masa lalu.

Titik pertama aku di expose amalan yang elok ialah ketika sekolah ku menghantar ku untuk pergi menghadiri kem agama anjuran UIA. Begitu aku ingat sekali aku la…

Book Review: The Unsung Hero (Wira yang Tidak didendangkan)


Mengapa buku ini yang ku pilih untuk direview? Adalah pada satu hari, ketika aku menunggu jam 5.30 ptg di KL Sentral. Aku pun berjalan jalan di Nu Sentral untuk menghabiskan masa, apa lagi, MPH ku tuju. Tak silap aku pada masa itu, buku ini adalah best seller masa itu. Ku pandang, ku baca tajuk, ku lihat summary, ku masih tidak tahu mengapa buku ini best seller. Jadi aku tidak beli. Maaf Melur Jelita. Iya, dia lah penulis buku ini, inilah nama pena dia.
Beberapa bulan lepas itu, ketika di rumah Kuching, aku melihat kakak ku telah membeli buku ini. Tebal buku ini, tajuk begitu, hurm..malas pulak nak baca. Kakak ku sering puji penulis Melur Jelita ini, dia kagum dengan cara penulisannya. Jadi aku pun tengok lagi buku ini, hurm..aku pun tertanya kenapa buku ini best seller? Mesti ada sebab..
Buku yang tidak menarik minatku untuk membaca dengan cepat. Akan ku target baca 5 bab satu hari. Buku ini ada 151 bab, dan aku berjaya habis kan dalam masa 7 hari! Alhamduli…

Valuable lesson - tip to survive in the office


Along the years while I am working for someone, one tip that I always hold until now is

know your boss/supervisor/managerknow their styleknow their standard know what they want Believe it or not, by knowing all this or maybe more than this will help you to achieve more in your work. It is not only it helps you to know your boss but then you will be more aware people around you. Because you will know what to expect from them, and once you know what to expect, you need to have plans to counter their action which not along your plan. This in order for you to not playing blaming games. This tip is good for people who start working in every aspect of environment. Let me give you example/story for you to agree or disagree with my tip.
Story 1 This is where I learn that knowing your boss style will save a lot of your time and energy. Years ago I am working at kindergarten where me and this colleague of mine with SPM holder is doing fitting for future student that time.…

Creating a good relationship in customer service

Real life customer service that really works is something that I really loves to share, because when we share and write it down, we will always remember. If we forgot, one day if we read again this article we will remember again.
Before I resigned, I think years before I did attend a course regards communication. The lady was really good speaker as she talks by her experience and I tell you her methods were great and works. That is why it is really important the speaker was a person in the shoes it self. One of the method was create a good rapport with customers.
Real life example: Few years back, I mean 10 or 15 years back. Me and my dad were looking for optometry shops to buy and make eye glass, there are few that was quite famous and also we can argue their quality. But I am not here to complaint theirs but to compliment the one that we found that time and we are still their loyal customers. Thanks for the bad services before hand we found a good one. 

Kerjaya sebagai pendidik anak anak kecil - Guru Tadika


Cikgu tadika, rata-rata kita tidak memilih ia sebagai pekerjaan atau cita-cita kerana daripada kecil lagi kita tidak dididik untuk menjadi seorang cikgu tadika. Tetapi tidak salah kita melabelkan diri mereka sebagai pendidik walaupun kebanyakan mereka tidak memiliki pendidikan formal daripada universiti. Anda tertanya mengapa saya menulis topik ini?

Wahai pembaca/bakal ibu dan bapa/ibu dan bapa,
Cuba anda fikir kembali di manakah anda mendapat pendidikan pertama anda selain daripada rumah anda. Sekiranya anda homeschool, syabas kepada ibu dan bapa anda!
Bukan itu sahaja, tidak pernahkah anda terfikir bagaimana cikgu-cikgu ini yang kita selalu katakan tiada pendidikan tertinggi tetapi mampu mengajar anak anak kecil seawal 4 tahun untuk membaca menulis menyanyi dan lain lain lagi. Anda tahu sikap dan perangai anak anda bagaimana di rumah, tidakkah anda fikir daripada sekarang bagaimana cikgu-cikgu ini mendidik anak anda. Usahlah kata yang saya hantar anak saya …

Our Daycare & Playschool 1 month operation

End of January 2015, our place has 1 month operated. I want to say it was quite a productive and successful operation. Even though there were lack of equipment and everything. The kids were really happy.
It was quite a sad moment where one of our cute toddler has check out from school because of one of our ex staff. I hope she will come back to us again. We will be very delight to accept her as she was so easy to take care.
On a very first week of the operation, what do you expect of kids behaviour who have stay so long in their house, and now they has started to leave home as early as maybe 3 months or maybe 2 years old and so on to attend themselves our house. Yes, we call it is our house as they are still young, they still need love. So let it be. 
Kids were screaming and crying. If the kids were exposed earlier on leaving home (means the parents has send them to daycare at earlier age), the kids will have no problem to settle down. But we proudly to say t…