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#lisaminiproject : toaster cover (DIY)


I am making a toaster cover for my little toaster at home.
I hate it when I need to cover with a small kitchen towel. PENYAKIT OCD DATANG.
It looks ugly when you see it covered by others things.

Why I did not bought from anywhere?
Actually, quite pricey. But then I have a lot unused fabric at home which I can utilised and my hubs did gave me quite nice sewing machine. I always have passion in sewing. So why bother to buy when u can make it?

Why toaster cover?
So that no lizard poo poo will fall inside the toaster.. hahhaha

First of all, u need to measured the size of your toaster. There were a lot of DIY toaster cover in the internet. U can go through what design you want. Actually, I would like to make some quilting design on the fabric, but it seems the thread was very low quality and it looks really ugly that I decided to cancel the plan.
After you measured your toaster, you need to allowed 3cm each side of the fabric. I have some leftover batting from my dau…