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EnD of 2oo8

I say : Ermm..sitting in front of my laptop..last day of year 2008...after 12 tonite, is new resolution must be made..huhu..

When i'm thinking back of this year,even there were a lot of good things and news have evolved around me..but the most that i thinking about is..this year, people that i knew has left me and others..

Who they are??..

1. He was my classmate in MRSM. maybe we have not been spoken to each other just because of the little incident in form 5..he still my friend, his brother also my friend..He left us juz around Gawai..- Jackson..hope ur sole rest in peace..

2. She was my cousin who been staying in my house since her mother and father past away. She was very quite and strange. Always sit in her room since the operation of her bone, since that my mom and dad been very extra care for her. Still remember when she left us, 1 week after Raya holiday. Her baby bro has taken her to kampong because we expected that we will be going back also. Then I got this sms fr…

what do you think?

If we were a movie You'd be the right guy And I'd be the best friend You'd fall in love with In the end we'd be laughing Watching the sunset Fade to black Show the names Play that happy song This is from 'If we were a movie' from Hannah Montana..=)..juz like this part of the lyrics...

ais jagung anyone

Rite now,kuching keep on raining..because christmas is on the block..
but it an excuse to say no to ais kacang..hehe..of coz must goes on.. last sis went to klinik anak n ibu for injection for her baby..then we went to eat ais kacang at jln haji taha..close on monday.. suprisingly,it is my uncle friend's cousin shop..huhu..luv it very i order for ais jagung- my favourite.=)..then rojak sotong.. gonna miss this food..

song make me wonder??

Yesterday, when i chatting with my friend..he promote me a a french song without lyrics..the singer are jean baptise and clemence..the music is concerto pour deux voix..earlier it is just music..and then at their voice is inserted..hehe..nice music u noe..i keep waiting for the lyrics..but it juz voice only..juz listen to it..then u will noe wat i mean..check on you tube ..