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emotional: uncertainty of the future

Today, I attend EQ training, which I totally agreed that 'human afraid the unknown/uncertainty'.

Nobody likes things are not happened like they want or plan it. But nobody knows what will happened when times goes by. I have been holding this fear and do not know who I speak to, and I think it is time for me to share what I fear now.

I have been used to where most of my needs has been fulfill by the Almighty. Now which I fear is, I always pray to Him 'murahkan rezeki ku dan dia ya Allah. Because I am being curios of the future, I always burden my thoughts with - what happened if the money is not enough to support everything? I dont want to be live in life which can lead to sin or maksiat, I want a halal relationship which been blessed by Allah, my friend always give encouragement words saying that Allah SWT will help and murahkan rezeki when the time has come. But like other people who have uncertainty..your trust to Him will be a bit less. Then I will say to my sel…

Perbuatan dan hikmahnya~

Sentiasa kita melihat org post kat status fb letak, perkara yg harus dpercepatkan.. Salah satu nya adalah mempercepatkan solat sebaik masuk waktu~

Apakah hikmah nya dan kenapa begitu?

Ini adalah pendapat saya sendiri dan tiada kaitan dgn mana2 sumber. Pernahkah kita terfikir.. Bagaimana kita meninggal dlm keadaan belum menunaikan solat?Keadaan di mana kita tidak sempat mengucap?.. Keadaan di mana kita tidak beriman...

Sesungguhnya saya bukan lah sempurna dlm ibadah saya.. Tp dgn mengingatkan kematian, kita akan berfikir cukupkah amal ibadah ku?