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Burger venture - SS15 the burger shop subang

The Burger Shop
I think most of the peeps out there already heard bout this burger stall.. I know bout this when I watch best in da world.. N I have been there a few times and now only i have te chance to post it to my bloggggg.. Ngeeeer..

If u want to find this stall... It is only beside the market.. And u will find a yellow van park there, they closed on Sunday, dun dream to go there on that day. Mushroom burger the best!!!

Frankly speaking, im not to fond of their burger rather than burger seksen 8 i used to buy ( i always order beef cheese) and i dun like theirs..

Pita Burger Beef
Yesterday..... I dcide i dun want to order my usually menu..and i go for mushroom beef burger..masyaAllah.. NICE.. And their pita burger also great.. Hohoho..yesterday i order another pita (lamb pita) after i taste my bf pita..huhuhu..cholestrol taken over me and my head spinningggggggg.. Hahahahaha..pdn muka sbb nafsuuuuu menguasai diri...
Mushroom burger Beef

Eyes :Seeing better at night

Alhamdulillah.... when I was being impatience of getting the result of getting better (my eyes).. Suddenly I realized that I can see better at night, I can drive confidently and all the red lights from car seem not bothering me at all. Alhamdulillah for my effort, doa and pray to Allah SWT. FYI, my eyes power is around not yet 30 but my short sighted getting worse.
Of course I will share to whoever happened to read my blog.
Effort: I am eating carrot almost everyday. Take baby carrot instead. This I get from Ustaz Sharhan talk ' eat 21 baby carrot' (you can google his past talk in you tube regarding this matter).. but of course I dont have time to eat so much. I also drink carrot juice. Drink guava juice. Almost take all antioxidant type of really desperate getting better....
Doa: Surah Qaf, ayat 22..
pray: pray for He will grant your wish..with confident and patience..
Usaha Tawakal Doa....Doa yg tiada Usaha..tidak mendatangkn apa apa..=)

Leap Year Movie

Leap Year film, cast by Amy Adams (who I think some one that are not so famous), another movie that catch my heart, make me cry, and touch by the quotes. I watch it twice, I think three times already.

I know that Leap Year is not quite famous movie in Malaysia, but I happened to read the review somewhere. A girl who really want to marry her boyfriend and hoping that the guy will ask her in hand. But unfortunately, the bF, never crossed his mind to proposer her. What make this movie really sweet is, the Amy Adams, went to Dublin and would like to propose him on Leap Year. On her way to Dublin, she deals with a lot of problem and met this guy - Declan...bla bla bla..I think you know the ending rite?..

May I share you all a few quotes which I like in this movie.

'Heads I win, Tails you lose' Declan, Leap Year

'May you never steal, lie, or cheat, but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows, and if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life, and if you must cheat, th…