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Express breast milk. Journey

Today, im actually testing or experimenting increase my per session supply to EBM without taking any milk booster such as shaklee. I will not say this is my idea. It is a testing methid through what i read from this lady fb. She have her method n came out an e book for that. I did consider to buy it. But she advised me to increase my pumping session. Quite tiring because of time constraint.
First of all, u need to pump every 3/4 hour per day. To maintain ur supply by emptying ur breast. By doing this i can maintain my supply for each session 3-4oz. Plus together, u need to eat before or after u pump. (This is when u at workplace). Im able to do 3session per day. Alhamdulillah.
New method i tested. I eat something such as bread, crackers each hour before pumping session. Guess what. I get 4oz plus today for 2nd n 3rd session..yay! 
Tomorrow ill try again. Maintain my eating habit. I noticed that eat a lot did not help much. It help to provide calorie for u n baby. Nvrmine. I can do the te…


Selamat datang tahun baru / welcome new year
New year, new beginning, new resolution. Some of us tend to makend same resolution as last year. Me? Nope. Ive checked my checklist of resoltuins last year, i did achieved a few of them! Pat on my back! Yay!
This year gonna be different, why?  1. Im a mother dy, 2.  Price hike! 3. Im tired of travelling so far to work- let me see what can i do bout this.
How u want to achieve with ur resolution till d end of d year? 1. List down ur acievable/ realistic resolution ( jgn jd angan2 mat jenin) 2. Comitment - u need commitment to achieve it. 3. Pray to Allah swt to ease everything u want to achieve.
My resolution? 1. Debt free - i will try to decrease my credit card debt n other debt. Need to wait this end of d year how it goes. How? I will test run the budget tips by learnvest (50/30/20). I will write it down for u all if i hv d time,
2. Vacation - to somewhere outside msia. Saving of course!
3. Save money to umra. Not this year. Got lil baby now. Want to b…