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bridal bliss program: beautify before the day

Salam readers,
as the topic mentioned, its about bridal bliss program before the day! I bought this package from Tanamera. They have few branch you can approach, I choose to do it at Shah Alam only -- Concorde Hotel. 
before you girls decide which spa you want to do, of course u girls googling it like i do before. Just google the words Bridal Bliss + location u want to do. DONE!.. I did find a few though and I found that Tanamera program affordable and they have 4weeks program for only 900 nett (no tax!). 
so, I bought the package after raya this year (2012), and the staff advised to come 4 weeks before the date (I came 5 weeks before)..hehehehe.. U can refer below their program, to know more u can visit their website. 
I think u all wants to know the service rate aite?..overall is very good, satisfied! At the end of this program, the staff give me 2 brown formulation soap, she said that if applies to uneven skin tone, it can help to remove the uneven skin tone. I will try this, and will u…

movie: instanbul aku datang

this week should watch! ---> Instanbul Aku Datang

my friend Adila watch this when movie premier at Subang Parade. She commented:' u should watch this movie, Lisa Surihani is very cute and 'gediks'.' Then she started to tell me whole story. Okay!!! I decide go and watch it myself -- even I know the ending. =)

So....once the movie is release (actually I dont know when the movie release)..hahahahah...just happened to be I was on a date with my fiancée. He was really like 'I terpaksa ikut u sbb u nak tgk' hahahahahah..

the movie is about, Dian (Lisa Surihani) went to Istanbul to be with her bf and....she wants Azad (Tomok) to propose her. Earlier, Dian stayed in Azad house, but Azad seems not comfortable with it, he asked Dian to find her own house - disappointed there + she needs to find her own. Hunting begin, she managed to hunt one due to a stranger help her. Little she knew that she had been conned because she expected that she was the sole tenant in the ho…

disconnected: internet

Who said internet caused un productivity? clearly my post today is trying to say that our office internet has been disconnected by TM due to..........u should know better. duh!

Early morning when I arrived, Andrew with frustrated face told me: internet down! so I asked him to check the server ---> complained to TM ----> tada...there are outstanding payment! huh! cut short..after all the investigation by Esther, we did not received one of the bill. okay! Tasha could not get the printed bill from TM Point, then in the afternoon, they went to 'Pucuk Rebung' to get the bill, of course the payment will be delay!

So, today, the whole day, no entertainment, cannot access to CSS, we cannot do our job, we cannot checked the payment and everything involve internet.. Oh My! stressed! we really not used to do our job in quite environment. More blue Monday!hahahaha

invitation card: hunting begin

huh! now I got time to write my experience in hunting printing company for my invitation card.

It started when SACC Convention Centre held wedding expo, and since its near to my house, so I decide to survey first. Let me cut the story, I have choose two company; Seri Serih Kad Kahwin and Memory Forever.

Few weeks pass by, me and my fiancée went to both of that shops and ask for quotation because we only want 200 pcs of card only. Of course, most of B2B knew that the more card you order, the cheaper per piece. But in my case, I only need 200 only.

This is when we decide to order hard cover.. the story goes...

Memory Forever - Summit USJ, 1.41, 1st Floor.
We just look at the sample card they have made before, asking about the price. The lady who attended us at the expo are there, the price still the same.

Seri Sireh Kad Kahwin - Jalan Pudu
FYI, there are a lot of printing company at Jalan Pudu. You can just walk around that area to survey. this shop is quite hard to find because no signbo…