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Happens for a reason


Self motivate again:

everything happened for a reason, maybe we cannot accept the outcome but long term it will benefits yours.
maybe u guys will said that:'of course you can say like that because everything you want you get it'

Yes indeed, not everyone in this world as lucky as others, but who knows the futures right?.

This is actually a way of make us live positively and happily. 

I give u a story that can make you think clearly and relate everything in your life. Islam is a way of life and its teach its ummah to think.

The story is...

When I perform my haj, people said there are certain places at Mecca and Medina, when you doa, your wish will come true.A few dua that I make is sometimes is nonsense type and I know that doa is not going to give any benefits at all. Some doa I secretly made and whispers has came true. Alhamdulillah.

The main point I want to share is, I make a doa which it did not came true. But I did not blame anyone or anything. Because, I believe, to be …