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Belated Post: Bachelor Party/Parti Bujang

Im officially married already, but I still want to put in my blog, and that is why its become belated post..ahax. my dear friends organized a gathering and what so called bachelor party for me. Thank you very much! so I will featured all your faces in my blog. Few months before muah wedding....
The first one: Dyg Hazwani idea--- Melaka

why??  actually we want to go to Singapore but unluckily Yatie got 'masalah duit' so she asked us to come to Melaka instead, Yatie is staying and working there FYI and Zarina also studying medic in Melaka also.=)
The Second one: Dip n Dip Bangsar
This one my dear colleague organized. How sweet of them.  that time not only me the bride to be, another colleague of us, so we celebrate it together.

The third: Magenta Kuching This one is at Kuching (my hometown), two of my bestie that are still around, others are not staying in Kuching. Aliff, my bestie would like to meet me before my wedding (and my mum really disagreed because of 'darah mani…