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Something that I want to share with you all, about the cats which sometimes stay at my house (rumah sewa k, bukan rumah di kuching)..Emol-my roomates brought this 2 cats; Hana and Ichi(pengaruh Jepun betol) stay in our house because no one can watch them at Emol's house at Cheras, thus she need to bring that cats to our little townhouse at Mahligai..This is Ichiban @ Ichi..This is Hanayuri Dango @ Hana

What I really want to share with you all is, this 2 cats love to sleep on my bed. I didnt care if they sleep on my bed, because I used to sleep with my cat way back home. Yesterday, Emol did came home, she told me that Hana and Ichi were very happy when they arrived at Cheras. This is because, they have more space to wonder rather than in our townhouse, also they have their own room because nobody sleep in that room, Hana and Ichi have made that room their..huhuhu.
The story not end yet...coincidently, in that room, the bed sheet is yellow, same as my bed sheet and my cush…