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sweet memory..

Yesterday, I went for interview at time square..(naik bas because xtahu jln kalo drive)..

The memory the bus from shah alam (U80), there are 3 girls(i think one of it girl or may be boy)hurm..if boy then it is 2 girls and 1 boy..okay..hehe..

The link is, 3 of them is 'special' people (org khas-pekak n bisu). When I'm in secondary school, we shared with this special people. We did not study in the same class, but most of us realise their existence in that school. There, they been called as 'Pelajar Khas'. I was really amazed with some teachers that have been asigned to teach them. Some of the teachers really know how to use sign language. FYI, i did learn how to use sign language, but forget already (juz know how to show thank u sign)..hehehe.

The sweet memory is..there was a cute 'special' guy. He is quite cheeky and friendly. Why I say he is cheeky, he knows a lot of beautifal lad in my school. If u read through my blog, I didnt mean anythin…

Scam or I just rejected something

FYI..I already quit my job..Reason?
Dont ask...

Because of this..I try to find new job that I can stay at my house or near to my house..Thats why I read througgh classified ad at any newspaper..Then I found something interesting...home based work-data entry..RM700 for a document...hurm..interesting rite..

Waking up early in the morning, waiting for the rite time to call that company..
9.30 a.m..I dial my HP and call..
They still have the vacancy...Location: Wisma Central...Time:anytime...Actually, there are another company i had call. The second one is at Wisma Hang Sam at Central Market..That appointment at 2p.m.Ready for myself to KL..I ask my friend to accompany me because it is quite scary for me to go to Central Market alone..Then..because I'm not familiar with KL road, I decided to drive to KL sentral and using Putra LRT to go to KLCC and Central Market..Cut Short....Wisma CentralFill up the form, they put me in this room. Friends allowed.Then, the admin come in..She e…


When I'm start working, there I met different people. Either on my way to office or at office. There one funny things that almost everybody does include me. In the morning, drive alone was very boring, furthermore, tiring. What else will occupy you till u arrive the destinations of yours?? of and the program...How about you??

Try this..when u drive and when the car stop when the traffic lite is red..Try look back by using the mirror..I love 'people watching' by using that mirror. Sometimes, i can 'cuci mata' with cute guys..Sometimes funny things happened. The connection between the radio and u see people day, when i drive go to work..This Chinese Lady drive Kancil, she really opened her mouth wide enough..looks like talking but why so eager..then I realize that she was singing..Huhuhu..I began to laugh..She was just doing 'karaoke'..very funny that looking things that you cant hear nothing.. Trust me, not that girl only lov…

Needs to learn Tamil..

I'm just coming back from i'm working as receptionist at Subang. I'm not ashamed of admit it because better than u or someone loitering outside there wasting money..hehe..

What so special about today that i cant wait till tonite rite??
I'm just relaxing..hehe..a lot of new things a gain today..i work for indian company..the things i didnt expected that..some of them speak resume didnt state i know how to speak tamil..huhu..what i can do just said that 'hold on please..i pass to u to someone else'..huhu..i get 2 calls from caller speak tamil to me..huhu..

Then, today..very relaxing-----means boring..the chinese accountant that a bit (maybe) busy body is sick..and she take MC was nobody give me work today..just answering call (still fail in transfering)huhu...the three of us just doing nothing..hahaha..not for the whole day lah..hehehe.. u all agree that even one of your collegue is absent event she or he that…

Restoran Victoria (Arab Street)

Salam...Today ckp rojak la..huhu...U all ada x tgk Jalan2 cari makan kat TV3 musim nie..yg drg buat kat Subang Jaya tuh..hehe..arini nak ckp psl tuh la.. Ada la 1 kedai mkn yg Maria Tunku Sabri nie p, make me interested u noe..kedai ape?? Victoria..bukan Victoria Station yg steakhouse yg npk up tuh.. WHY kedai nie????bukan kedai Papa Rich ker..yg Penang tuh ker....haha Jawapan nye..papa rich I dh pnh xbuat review lg psl kedai tuh... Victoria nie...ade cerite nye..... Cerita bermula.....time kami n friends ada trip p singapore..time tuh mula la mencarik2 kedai mkn yg halal kat singapore..sbb ssh nk crk yg halal..kedai mamak la jwbnye.. time tuh kami d tinggalkn kat kpg gelam sbb kat situ bole la kmi semua solat dan mengisi perut yg dh lapor...memandangkan i nie x mam sgt mknn agk ssh ckit mule2... time pusing2 tuh..sampai kat endlot..kedai die x ramai org tp ada paper cutting kat kedai cube jer ler..time tuh p..mam nasi beriyani..dlm $5 kalo x mmg byk la..x…

The Craze of Cash Converters & Daiso

Long time didnt write in this lil page of mine...
First of all...I want to wish 'Selamat Hari Gawai'..

New months especially this June, means that i need to move out from my house(Mahligai Town house) to another house..(Currently is in my new house-at Desa Alam)...Because i didnt share to anyone in my there were a lot of things i need to buy..huhu..(alasan nak berjalan pg d curve)..huhu..

Hehe...Shopping time...
Cash Converters ------> Kelana Jaya (stop by before went to our real destinations)
a lot of used things that still can be used again...a bit rambang mata...because its cheap and a lot of things i can buy..huhu...

Daiso ---------> atlast the real destination...this is where all the price is RM me..only RM 5..All the stuff are Japan Made...I always went this place..huhu..Every month they have new stuff..huhu..

What i mean by the craze is...I continue my shopping the next day at Cash Converters at Subang Jaya..huhu..