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Scam or I just rejected something

FYI..I already quit my job..Reason?
Dont ask...

Because of this..I try to find new job that I can stay at my house or near to my house..Thats why I read througgh classified ad at any newspaper..Then I found something interesting...home based work-data entry..RM700 for a document...hurm..interesting rite..

Waking up early in the morning, waiting for the rite time to call that company..
9.30 a.m..I dial my HP and call..
  • They still have the vacancy...
  • Location: Wisma Central...
  • Time:anytime...

Actually, there are another company i had call. The second one is at Wisma Hang Sam at Central Market..That appointment at 2p.m.

Ready for myself to KL..I ask my friend to accompany me because it is quite scary for me to go to Central Market alone..

Then..because I'm not familiar with KL road, I decided to drive to KL sentral and using Putra LRT to go to KLCC and Central Market..

Cut Short....

Wisma Central

  • Fill up the form, they put me in this room. Friends allowed.
  • Then, the admin come in..She explained..
  • 1st asignment-50 pages..they will pay RM750 for the document which I finished and they pay on the spot..
  • But-I need to pay as much as RM182 for the registration (kebajikan katenye)..
  • What I understand - RM182 is a fee for risk transfer which is - when anything goes wrong the company will bear the responsibities..for example: if i ran, the document also gone with me, the company will bear..and the money also included postage fee for them to submit to their client..
  • hurm...make me think twice....u think for me ..hahaha..then i said
  • Me:How 'kak', I dun have that much money..that why I need this job (because that is the purpose rite). Cannot cut from my salary ka?
  • Akak:cannot, we want to produce the receipt along the agreement.
  • Me:Then I pay for my next asignment, also cannot?
  • Akak:Sorry 'dik', I cant help u..but this is the procedure..
  • Me:Nevermine la 'kak', I dun have much money..
  • Akak:U think first,then called me back..

Wisma Hang Sam

  • Fill up the form, then they assigned me to private room. Alone.
  • The admin already in the room waiting for me..then he explained..
  • Almost the same, but the asignment will only produce on Monday,Wednesday and Friday.
  • Tuesday and Thursday for interview sesion..They will give my particulars to the management to filter..
  • Each page cost RM8-RM10.1 week for me to do the asignment..50 pages
  • There will be registration fee cost RM179.
  • Silent through the whole process, I didnt ask anything, because it is just the same..

Hurm..then I decided to go back to Wisma Central, and I want to register. The whole process and what happened in that room..Cofindential..I will only tell in person only..

The Result: I decided to not to pay and rejected the job..because I follow my heart and my instinct feel not good about it..

For You guys read this, I'm not saying that they are scammers..but If they really provide jobs for people..maybe it is not my 'rezeki' rite..If they were really scammers, lucky me then..

I just want to share story for u all...


  1. semua pun camtu eh lisa?
    min macam nak apply tau haritu.

  2. lisa ad bukak 1 web nie..xsmue kalo betol2..die xmintak duit register..itu mmg artikel tuh ckp..


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