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michelin baby miss u so much

why u look at me?????

Halu!! counting days..i just left kuching for 3 weeks already..things i keep on thinking back home is michelin sis baby daughter..i think she already 8 months old. Before this i was really miss her that kids getting bigger, just make us life miserable..huhu..why i called her michelin baby?..have u seen the michelin tyre advertisement???????..she got the muscle like that me makes her harder to 'merangkak'..pity her..i wonder how is she rite now... Looks her face..a sad little face..sleeping..zzzzzzzzzzChubby face she have her eyes..looking something.hard to smile..emotional face..what this lil' baby think?

Archie Comic's

Halu! Luv to read comics anyone? hehe..have u read archie comics?do u collect them?
i luv betty & veronica so much that i only buy their edition. hehe..rite now the latest edition havent out read the comic strip from internet. of coz i will share to u all..
juz visit

Traditional House anyone?

When its come to CNY, UITM always being nice by given their student mid sem break for 1 week. Usually i'm not coming home for holiday. Because take the oppurtunity to sight seeing.hehe..
BUT.. sadly,huhuhu, my beloved design lecturer has given a make a brochure by choosing traditional house in malaysia..huhu.. First, I taught I take 1 of the house at Malacca..but, i decide to going home for 4 days to take pictures of longhouse. hectic week because i just came back from singapore.On CNY, im fly without wings because everyone can fly by using air asia..hahahahaha..merepek dh nie..huhu.. then the next day, i woke up at 4 to start my day in the car, went to Betong. By uncle brought us to the rumah panjang that located 6km from betong town..
u see those columns, very funny rite? but i found it still can be used to supported the house..think again, whoever is there still longhouse that remained untouched?if there old the house is?..…