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invitation card: wedding

It is a trend nowadays where people like to have something different from others, may be they want to have creative/classy/modern/strange. hahahhahahaha.
It depends on your budget – and of course how much u wants to spend on your invitation card. Likewise it is actually depends on WHAT U WANT.
‘you want a cheap? Or you want something different from others? You name it’
Story of my friends:
1.         they willing to go to bandung, design and order, then they will deliver the product to you, my friend said it cheaper than Malaysia and they have a lot of unique design.
2.         she don’t want to spend so much on the wedding card, so she want to design the card herself then find printing company to print.
3.         just find a local design card company, which they can offer affordable price and design that u want.
So u can make up your mind, whichever you want….because you really can save a lot from here.
Tips of the day is:
just google first to see samples from oversea and local bef…

Hajj (Haji) how lucky there are

Hajj is around the corner, the picture above is taken by myself ya! it was taken when I performed my hajj on  that year (2010). I missed this place. whoever has went there, when they came back - majority will miss this place. How I wish and really wish and pray hard that I can go there again.

Today my FB and twitter status

'untung nya, besar tanggungjawab petugas tabung haji' ---> 'how lucky they are, but big responsibility to the tabung haji staff and crew'

Why? they got the chance perform hajj, had the chance visit Allah SWT house, Rasul SAW place, and more --> Luckythey need to take care different people with different background and has different attitude. they need to make sure whom they fly to Mecca, can coming back to home town safely and healthy. ---> big responsibility and because of this, and because of Allah SWT, i really would like to be volunteer to assist these people, to those been chosen.