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Notes: You are The Best; Kamu Umat Terbaik

It is been awhile. Sy tak menulis dalam nie, penuh banyak cuti, kerja, anak perlu perhatian, checklist kena buat so on till writing is no longer is my priority and my goal anymore. But hey, I might just write some notes here about this book I read.

Short introduction why I read this book and why I stumbled upon this book.
Sy tak ingat rancangan apa kat TV3, I still remember yg rekomen buku ini ialah Ally Iskandar. Since I love so much to learn about productive living, and buku ni mengaitkan dgn AL Quran. Luckily that my sister bought this and I somehow borrowed from her and this is my second time read this.

Some info in this book keep running in my mind, that I believed there are some other information is very useful for me to use. So now, I reread it again and make some notes here.

Sekali lagi, saya nak ingatkan the day I write this, I still in the process completing it. 

Notes begin:
Kejayaan seseorang sebenarnya bukan diukur dgn hasil seseorang itu. Kerana setiap orang hasilnya berbez…