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why this is always the problem?

Waiting is not likely the word everybody like. Since I landed my new job which involves customer service, I learned to be a person learned to wait. But tonight no patient for me as there is so many reason for me to make me ashamed for myself.

I hate waiting for food. My friend always said that hungry people is angry people. I really agree with that. I wait for my order for about 1 hour at Bun-D Amuk Bistro at Section 7, Shah Alam. Yes, there are a lot of people. So, I don’t want to be angry or make a scene. But……

First, observation – the manager only watch out for one table order only and they had their order very fast. I noticed that he wait at the kitchen window in order that the table order will be served. It is alright for me then, because other table which came early hasn’t got their order. But one hour after that, the person in front of us got their order.

Second, they lied – the waiter came to our table and asks what our order is again. He denied that our order has loss, he insist…