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Kelambu Kaabah

Ini lah kelambu Kaabah, bukan digunting tau..mmg dibeli di Mekah..harga nya tidak tahu sebab ayah kesayangan yg belikan..Frame di tempah di damansara perdana. Pilihan frame di cadangkan oleh abg bangla yg kerja jat situ. Frame yg mcm nie, saiz macam nie RM450. Puas hati la die buat. Abg bangla bagi tahu, selepas siap ade nak beli sy nye frame nie..kalau nak I bole belikan kelambu this is not for sell..=).

P/S:xsabar nak p A famosa Resort..

things that i never imagined

Customer service~
This is the main scope what my job is. getting more complaints I get, getting funnier the day and maybe getting annoyed it be.

Let me share you a story which I find most unbelievable complaint since I work. There this lady called us one find day. She introduce me who and which unit she's from. She have 3 complaints:

1. The pantry sink is dirty because of the renovation's contractor threw their paint and wash their stuff there. So I ask her, do you lock the pantry after used. She said no. This lady is the type 'I am always right and want to be perfect'. She replied me what the used I lock the pantry if other unit did not lock after used. Easy for us like that and she keep on talking and I decide not to say anything.

2. The toilet water tap. Our public toilet tap is the push type - means not ordinary that you need to turn the tap. She claimed the other 2 water tap is to hard and the water flow is to fast - once they wash their hand with the soap, the wa…


Weeks before I went to Hajj..I took medicine to stop my period. The doctor advise me to eat 3 tablets perday but I said others eat 2 and he said okay. Why am I saying this because it is one of His power to show to us when He insist, it happen.

Ustaz Fahmi (one of our advisor) has said before, when u sick, not the medicine u took make you good again. It is because His will to let the medicine be a cure for you. That is why we must always syukur to Him. Which I remember that I was to obsessed to trust the medicine I took and forgot about Him.

The story goes..
My period should be around 25-28 in every month. I ate the medicine one week before that which the doctor advise so. Alhamdulillah, I am able to perform 40 times of the prayer at An Nabawi Mosque and able to Visit Rasulullah SAW tomb and heaven garden (Raudhah). Maybe you see this as the effectiveness of the medicine. Remember I did not stop eating the pill.

Waiting for wukuf day, is something which is very excited because this is diff…