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Slimming beauty tips - experiment

I get this tips from slimming sanct msia fb.. --- how to get flatter stomch in a week without exercise..

'when u dont drink water ur body act retains water which make u look fatter'

So drinking more water helps prevents stomach bloating by aiding digestion, relieving constipitation n gas..--- try drink at least 1 liter of water for a day for a flatter stomach -- from slimming sanctuary msia fb page...

The experiment is:

Today 29/8/2012..i will start drinking 1liter everyday for a estimated 5 or 6 september to see the result.. Wait for the result next weekkkkk..

The pic below is a bottle can fill up to my target needs to drink 2 bottles of this during my working hour...
So here goes nothing!!!


Yeszaaaa, maccarron...
Ive taste a lot, i like the one from nathalie gourmet~
Yessss, it is expensive.. But they got standard ya!..
A piece of maccaroon rm4.40 without case..

Where is this shop, solaris dutamas aka publika ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Selamat hari raya!!!

Look at me

Back from bazaar today, this cat really get my attention. Oh oh when i saw its fur, there r parts the fur is longer and brownish colour n there are parts the fur are short. As i took out my phone, i expect its to jump from the bike, but it just stare at me (as in d pic) and stop licking its fur. That cat jump right after i took its pic. Mr A said the cat really know how to pose!.. Just the expression.. Look at me!

counting..... 7 days more to go before syawal. im trying hard to collecting deeds (pahala) as much as i can before end of this Ramadhan, my last Ramadhan as a single lady. huhuhu..will be missing it though.

yesterday night, an experience ive never have a chance before, im proud and delighted, 25 years ive been living, eventhough my own mom is muallaf, ive given a chance to witness the process of converting to Islam (Allahuakbar).

my mind wondering, what make him change his religion, because some of them change because of marriage. but if he converting to Islam because something deep inside him has made so, that was amazing (Alhamduillah). Of course i have no right to judge or whatsoever, just that, deep inside me when i witnessed a person recite the Kalimah Syahadah, that scene (not in drama u noe) really touch me from inside.furthermore it happened last 10 nights of Ramadhan, hope our new brother can cope everything.=)

wedding talks (kursus kahwin)


I have been long time I did not write in here rite..and I have been busy with Ramadhan, for coming Syawal and this december big day..the title has said it clears. I getting married and oh my gosssssssss...I panicked, and start to think what should I do next what should I do first eventhough I already got check list from 'wedding malaysia' - for the cosmopolitan and sophisticated bride 2012 which cost me RM18. It is really helpful though.

In Malaysia, Muslims who wants to get married, they need to attend wedding seminar (kursus kahwin) and the certificate is for whole life (means if you get divorced or want to remarried again, the cert is applicable). Since I was working in KL, so I need to attend the seminar whichever place that offers and certified by JAKIM (important hokey).

Enough of the introduction, maybe some of you wondering where did I go? hurm..the story went like this...
It is start with my fiancรฉe get the form from shah alam office and actually we decide to …