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world peace anyone?

from FB i can see my friends have their own thinking and choices of political view. why cant we just vote for world peace?.

recent rally happened in KL has caused a lot of arguments and view. some of us choose to world peace and living in harmony world. I don't care u wore red or yellow. You guys just the same, you fought with each other, we are living in the same country and but we have different view of thinking. we have cops, let them do their jobs. why red must interfere?.it gave the yellow supporters to condemn more on this stuff.

can't we just live in an harmony and peace?.yellow demands a good cause. but there is a good way we can to deliver the message rite? we need to do such things?..
when a group of people promotes 'walk for life' ~ good for ur health. why nobody supports?.
when people promotes forum perdana ~ to gain knowledge in islamic. why not so many people came?

for me, a clean election should start free from bribery. everyone just the same, no money? talk? money?..people will not join for walk for encouragement?..nobody wants to attend forum perdana..

when minority voice out for world peace, no money?..people still fought with each your support in other ur support when election day. vote for your thought who is right. the best is the one who is think of the society..didnt you guys take all the benefits from all the public transport?..all the highway?..all the study loan and scholarship?..who suggest all those?..a leader that think for the public..

it is just like Allah SWT gave u food, clothes, a place to stay. but u still refuse to turn to Him..ask from His forgiveness for wrongdoings. u are not 'manusia yang bersyukur'

when the opposition said, the leader is threatened by the rally. may I ask you..would u not feel the same?..people who said those is people have the intention to do so..Im being the naive one, just feel that..the leader just wanted a peace Malaysia.


  1. Please do write more regarding this matter. It'll take time but I like the fact that you're portraying different approachable images with reasons that should make sense to more people that deserves explanation. I hope there will be more people who will rise and tell the differences between a meaningful act with reason and the ones without. Thank you.

  2. thanks mediocre for your comment. I do not want to live in a place where people fight with each other. I will write again if I have the time.


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