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Its time when its not the time yet


Wondering what does it means rite? Let me continue the last blog i wrote ; What happened the unexpected day?.. I want to share my experience on giving birth. If u a lazy bump bump to read the previous blog. The title should give u an idea what it is all about- i was giving birth earlier ( one month earlly) than it should be. 

When doc in UMRA checking the cause of bleeding, she told me it was opened for 2cm.. I was crying. Frankly speaking, i was crying due to pain, but im not crying due to d fact that what will happened to me?. I was still hoping that time i will not giving birth early. Pity with the bby, what will happened to her? Doc called the MD asking how about this lady bleeding n already opened 2cm. He said we need refer her to gov hospital. 

Previously, maybe i didnt mentioned. The doc said, they need to monitor my condition due to the bleeding because the bleeding is flow like period. Not just a stain on panty. Thus she will admit me on that friday nite. But after thoroughly checking my condition, she said i need to be referred to gov hospital. They dont hv the equipment. 

Back to d crying parts, i was crying, and doc trying to convince me everything gonna be ok. Because the bby is 2kg when scan, they will give injection to 'matured the lungs'. I was confused why im crying. The pain or im gonna deliver early. Mix feeling there. And maybe i was hungry some more.

So, we were going to PPUM right after we pack everything (hurm... Everything ke?) me n my hub didt get our dinner because i was bleeding some more (like i told u guys, i was hungry) n i start panic when i feels something coming out from downthere.. Bleeding again. Of courset hub getting panic said we go now, later ate.  

Luckily PPUM accept me to deliver there because i didnt do any booking there. After changing clothes, they do ctg scan on me, while doing so, a lady doc (maybe a training doc) do some background check n find roots of problem. Then finish scan, a foreigner doc came scan my tummy then he check the opening and said 6cm..the nurse beside me said she gonna deliver! Just rite after that im crying again! This doc asked me u crying because i said u gonna deliver or u r in pain. The truth was i was in pain! 
That time when doc feel my tummy, he told the nurses she having contraction now. Now i know what it feels. Then they push me to labour room.

Lying to the left. Alone. Waiting after the labour team settled their procedure. Its not a likeable situation. I think I was in the labour room for 2 hours. Hub not there. Lying in pain. All u can do is shut ur eyes endure the pain. During the 2 hours, i kept my counting how many minutes the contraction is coming. Earlier i didnt keep the pace. The nurse did provide me something to smell if the pain is coming. Later i noticed evry 5 minutes i will having d contraction, then slowly its getting shorter n shorter. The oxygen thingy really doesnt help at all..then i felt something watery coming out. I push the redbutton, the nurse came and ask, what happened? I told them something coming out. She told me its justblood. When the times came girl, the water broke and naturally u will feel like u want to poo poo.. Haha.. Ok2.. I said i just worried.. 

The pain getting shorter like every second i will having the pain. The pain was not like before. Oh my waist! Oh my tummy! The pain all came together n cause me jumping on my bed.. Haha this is so not true.. But it really make me move alot while lying on d bed. Until one time.. I really short of breath. Im trying to push because it really feels like doing so. Without i realise it, something burst and watery has coming out. I push the red button. A doc coming in. He mumble something and only told me please facing to the left. Then went out. Blur n in pain, im waiting again. Lost count and out of breath. I press the red button again n the nurses who came earlier come in. She said it broke already, she will deliver it now. All the team came in and prepare all the necessary n while waiting they prepare all the things my head screaming please be faster n the same time.. They know what there r doing. 

Pushing time.. I think i push for 3 times. 1st time nit succeed. 2nd time they ask me to wait.. Wala 3rd time the bby already by my side. They teach me how to push. Because i remember they advised me please corporate with us. They give cheer to u. One thing u should do if you want to deliver normal listen to surrounding ( listen to d team). The third push, i heard, hold ur breath longer n push. Really! Then i only heard the doc n the nurses scream to each other what time? 1.01am. Then when i feels the pain has released from my body, the nurse look look what is this? I was blur and trying to keep sane.. Girl. She took my bby away because paeds was waiting to send her to icu.

Of course later i end up on a cozy bed sharing with 4 ppl in a room. My hub coming later. Yes indeed hub cannot came in to see the process but they called him after that n he able to iqamat her. Alhamdulillah. Miracle, Allah swt gave me strenght to push(if u noticed i didnt have my dinner earlier) with empty stomach, no energy from d afternoon. Its funny when doing the ctg scan. I asked the nurse, can i eat? She asked me why u didnt ate before coming here? I told her, we actually want to hv dinner first but i bleed first. Then the nurse told me wait after the doc check first. I really worried i will hv no energy because hub's friend son deliver using a vacuum because she lost her energy after the first push. I really praise to Allah SWT for everything.

Thats all! Salam 


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