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Baby AS - Anemia or thalassemia?


Dear readers,

It has been a year passed now for my baby AS after she survived her premature condition. I am really grateful for that she lives in a very active and healthy life. A few months back, she was diagnoses with anaemia. The paed doctor who we always visits to in Shah Alam told us that he suspected she is anaemia due to her frequent visit his clinic in a short period of time and also her physical condition that time. During that time, we have not done any blood test yet. During the same weekend, we really worried AS conditions that she was still fever and we went to DEMC a&e to take a look. The doctor main concern was dengue, so we took blood test that night itself. The blood count was low and the doctor said she is anaemia and also infection which caused her fever. The doctor advised us that we need to take another blood test for checking what is her problem. 

After few days the results came out, the doctor who reviewed her blood test result consult us to meet specialist for her further investigation. Then we decided to told her doctor in PPUM because she follows up there for her development due to premature. Dear readers, if you do not know, this is what paed doctor told me, premature baby tend to get anaemia (I have explained this ealier in my blog). When in PPUM, the doctor start giving her iron treatment and folic acid. AS not fond of eating medicine that I decided to stop giving her and goes for natural way means provide her rich iron food. 

The story did not stop here, last week we went to KL for her scheduled check up which the previous doctor did not explained and inform us properly that we need to come 2 days early for blood test. Thus the doctor said that nothing to review since no blood test has been done. Her development was very good just that she have not start to walk by herself. So the doctor was really angry that I stop giving her iron treatment and told me the consequences. There was another reason I stop giving her because I read that this lady has successfully increased her baby hb but little I know that there a lot of it.

This morning, I really hope to know what I have achieved because, the doctor in PPUM insisted me giving AS iron treatment and we will meet another 6 months after. I brought her to KPJ Kuching to do blood test again and told the paed doc her medical history. Yes indeed that if she is only anaemia  (low hb counts), it is okay if she take only rich iron food. When the results came out in the evening, the doctor called me that she explained that the HB is good but the rest is not good. Her iron is low -- iron deficiency. The doctor before did not explained clearly what it is all about or maybe I was to ignorant about giving AS medicine. Now I have new things to achieve which is ---> AS iron increase after 6 months because her next follow up is another 6 months!

My story has not ended yet. I need to told you why I determined to take her blood test today instead I can ignored the doctor without giving her any medicine. The PPUM doctor did explained that, AS will continue to follow up (because I insisted) there until her age turn 6 for them to observed her development. Currently her weights was not good, also because her anaemia. Currently they are checking what is the caused of anaemia and that is why they are giving her iron treatment. Because I have stopped the medicine long ago, thus they can't say anything. Her growth (weight) will be affected. They want to know that her growth is caused by genetic (me and hub was cute size) or because of iron deficiency. If the iron is increased after 6 months, means the iron treatment is succeed. If not they need to check other reason. Both the doctor and previous doctor also keep on asking me whether we have thalassemia in family history. As far as I am concern, non of us. But when we married, we did not take that test so we really can not 100% confirm it. My mother agreed that I need to take the test as when I read the symptoms of anaemia, seems like maybe I have it. There is no harm in checking. I will let you guys know about it.

Dont judge me for what happened, pray for me =)
Thanks for reading!


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