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Celebrating Hubby Belated Birthday!


Hubby birthday was on early of the year and early of the month. Eventhough he is a year older than me, the difference of the date, made me 2 years younger than him for another 8 months to go.  

Sadly that this year me and AS were not around KL to celebrate his birthday, luckily that same weekend we were flying to KL yo! So what happened was, I already planned well that what to do on his birthday and what to buy for him and what to do while we was in KL.

On his birthday
A phone call a night before because hubby always sleeps early. Than on his birthday, whatapss and birthday wishes through instagram (@lisamorni).

Birthday present
Tricky part indeed because it is so hard to look for perfect shaver for him, yes! I bought him a shaver, and do you know that an electric shaver has its on purpose? There are cheaper price in Lazada but I don't want to buy 'wrong' thing. So on the day we arrived KL, I bought his gift at Harvey Norman, the sales girl was so friendly and very helpful that she explained to me each type of the electric shaver.
shaver series7000 sensotouch wet dry electric shaver with aquatec wet and dry
Indeed they have different type of shaver and it serves its on purpose. Whether you want to clean shave, trim, or shave only. And also together with shaving cream or not. So this lady ask me what is my budget then ask me what he do with a shaver (patent). So I bought this one as the picture for RM450 with warranty period of 2 years.

What I get?
As in the picture I got 2 head serve 2 different purpose, the round head is for clean shave if your guy do not have any moustache or beard. The head is very flexible though. And the other head is for trim purpose, for guys who left a little bit of moustache and beard, it can controlled how long you would like to have. I think this is very good for my husband and also he never have one before. The best part is they have travelling pouch and a stand for you to charge the shaver.

What I do?
Actually me and AS coming down to KL was for AS check up, she have her hearing assessment in the morning and scheduled  follow up in the afternoon. So hubby needs to take leave on that day. I have planned we went for brunch because my sister is around (she was accompanying me to KL). She was out with her friends that morning and we will be meeting her later at night. Usually we doing dinner aite? but last year we also doing lunch at Hard Rock KL. It is good to spend quite times and chit chat with him. We could not went far because we still need to rush back to PPUM for her check up so the nearest was Bangsar. I have a few list for brunch, lastly hubby would like to try Wondermama. Spend quality time with him during lunch and AS was sleeping through out the morning! Sorry to say that hubby did not into their salad. and the rest I think is okay.

No picture taken because AS awake when we nearly finished our lunch. Furthermore we really not into taking picture so much. That's all for today.

Thank you!


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