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AS development - 1 year 6 months


This little toddler of mine is getting older by days. Busy mummy me hardly to keep track what is her new development. But I noticed most obvious things she do this month is she will look for her pillow when she want to put the pillow on my lap while she nurse. 
  • She able to recognize more things now, and people too. For example, she knows pillow which I told her to take pillow if she wants to nurse.
  • Recognize things. Both of us travelling a lot this month that she recognize mummy bag very well, that she make sounds when she look at my bag on conveyor belt.
  • Indeed still making progress of speaking.
That is all for her development wise. Wait till next months! 

We were travelling back to hub's hometown that we decided to dinner at road side stall and she suddenly woke up, ended up like this

As you can see what happened

She really loves to taking things outside the container

Actually she was helping my sister to peel up the egg skin and end up she eat it.

Before I close up this blog for today, I would like to share that something happened which I think or attract and it was being fulfil. Today, I able to listen live Mufti Menk lecture. This was a sudden thought last week which it was never occurred to me or maybe there was a cue for me since last week. Which I was watching TV that there was advertisement mentioned that there will be lecture (which I forgot the name of the program in KL) and that was a paid event which comprised others speaker also. I do not remember what I think and said but I keep on saying to my dear sis that Mufti Menk was one of the speaker and I kept seeing the banner everywhere in KL/Selangor. Yesterday, he was fly to Kuching and he was on earlier flight before us. I was sharing my friend status which she share Mufti Menk will be flying to Kuching and I was sharing it too. This morning, my sister ask me she want to attend the talk and I said I want to follow but I need to bring AS also. My sister was just bring her maybe she can get blessing from Mufti Menk. Okay, we could not take pictures with him but we managed to listen his lectures peacefully. What else is more important and our objective was coming to listen to the lecture was being fulfil!and it was free, it was our rezeki for the day! and dont forget the food also!

Thank you! 


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SCAM: Cabutan Bertuah daripada MAXIS


Hari ni lisa nak cerita, beberapa minggu yang lepas lisa dapat call daripada Indonesia.
Macam mana Lisa tahu daripada Indonesia?
Sebab Iphone keluar situ Indonesia.

Lisa pun angkat lah.

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Sebab Lisa pernah dapat panggilan kerja daripada Singapore tapi based di Malaysia. Jadi Lisa pun angkat lah.

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